Vegan Leather Low-key Locator Tag


Give your lost stuff a fighting chance!

The Low-key Locator Tag is a vegan leather tag which functions as a "no-tech" locator device for lost or forgotten items.

Avoid RFID, Bluetooth, IOT and other transmitting solutions while enabling the inherent of humanity which compels us to help others, by making it easy for someone to return an item they have found.

If an item is found, the good Samaritan simply:

  1. Scans the QR code with their phone, which opens their browser to the Low-key Locator contact page.
  2. Fill out the simple form, including the serial number on the tag.
  3. Communicate with the member to return the item.

With the option of either the included heavy duty key ring or black scuff-resistant cable, this simple and subtle accessory can be attached to any bags, luggage, coats, equipment and any other high-quality items that you would like to see returned if lost.

>Learn more about the Low-key Locator program.<

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